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What’s included?
-  2 CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX files for your analysis of 1,600 x 30,000 pixels.
-  1 PDF with notes complementing these two files.
-  1 TEMPLATE: A “.cmc” file and 2 “.clip” files with notes about how to set upyour pages.
-  1 .doc file with the template notes for your reference.
-  1 PDF: Script with my comments.
-  5 JPG of the sketches of episode 40.
-  5 JPG of all chapter 40 with editor's tweaks about the dialogues.
-  6 JPG with interesting comments from my editors that made better results.
-  4 JPGs of the final files of the whole episode 40.
-  A folder with all the files ready for publication in Webtoon.


What will I see in the files?Sequences of some parts of episode 13 and episode 40 with layers, separate panels, line art, how to use some 3D resources, sketches, discarded ideas, and other details. All these so you can take a closer look.The PDF (4 pages) that comes with these files has comments that complement my way of working.The PDF of the script has notes that explain the way I work. (3 pages)You can see the sketches of the entire episode 40, which I use to send them to my editors with corrections in the dialogues.You'll have access to some considerable notes form my editors that gave better results.


Do you need to have Clip Studio Paint for this product?Yes. Because the files that come in this product are CLIP format. And so you can analyze the way I work, you need to have it. But if you don't have it, you can download Clip Studio Paint for 30 days free.


WarrantyThe only person who is protected in this transaction is you. Because if you buy this product and it's not what you expected, I'll return your money without asking you questions, plus you'll keep the product.

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